About Creative Metal Products

Creative Metal Products was started in 1995 by a mechanical engineer with experience designing trucks and heavy equipment for Oshkosh Truck, Clark and Pierce Manufacturing. Beginning as a manufacturer of rotary and stationary roof vents in a 3,500 sq. ft. facility, CMP has grown into its current 85,000 sq. ft. facility by tailoring its services to the unique needs of each customer, matching their needs with the latest fabricating technologies and excellent staff knowledge.

Tailoring services to each customer’s unique needs is not necessarily a simple thing to do. That’s why CMP puts a huge emphasis on…

Getting To Know You...

Your company is NOT a cookie-cutter company! So why work with a cookie-cutter metal fabricator? Your needs are unique, so is your relationship with CMP.

Whatever your needs may be, the challenges you face differ greatly from those of other manufacturers and OEMs. That's why it's critical for us to get to know your company as much as possible, how it operates and what’s particularly important to its success. And that’s why we encourage as many of our employees as possible to get to know you as well. The more we know about you, your unique needs, and vice versa, the better product you can expect from CMP.

We don’t approach this business as other metal fabricators do; we’re not just here to provide simple metal fabrications. We approach this business – and our relationship with you – as a partnership designed to help you provide the best products to your customers. Doing so might mean providing a service that other fabricators just aren’t willing to do.

Because if YOU succeed using our fabrications, we succeed as well. It all starts with you!

Our Fabricating Processes...

From engineering help and design support to turnkey production, assembly and packaging, Creative Metal Products provides a number of cost effective process services, including:

IN-HOUSE CORE COMPETANCIES (View Our Trust = Value + Reliability PDF)

Outsourced Turn-Key Services

CMP has excellent relationships with several companies to provide turnkey service including plating, painting, powder coating, anodizing, blasting, heat treating, tube processing. If we don’t do it in-house, we can often find someone to help.


This is where getting to know you really matters most, because excellent quality starts long before a job hits our floor. It starts with us understanding what’s truly important to you instead of us assuming we know.

At Creative Metal Products, our demand for quality goes well beyond providing you with excellent parts. Our aim is for excellence in how we serve you as well. It includes finding and recommending ways you can save money or time on a product, whether design or method changes. This doesn’t minimize the need for part quality! Just the opposite, it results in higher quality across the board.

We have some very experienced people at CMP who are able to make suggestions that may just save you a few dollars on a part, which could result in thousands in savings over the long term.

To learn how your company can improve its competitive positions, contact Creative Metal Products, Inc. We look forward to establishing the kind of business relationship that can make a real difference on your company's bottom line.

View Our Trust = Value + Reliability PDF