Case Studies

Part: Assembly Line Carts
Material: Mild Steel Tubing, Sheet Steel
End Product: Automated Assembly Line, heavy truck manufacturing.
Processes Used: 3D Design, Laser, Brake Press Forming, Saw Cutting, Vertical Machining, Welding, Outsourced Painting, Assembly, Packaging and Delivery
Overview/Challenge: This item was designed based on rough customer sketches. CMP provided SolidWorks design and manufacturing services, with final drawing approval provided by the customer. With adjustable/removable shelves, this unit required our machine operator to watch tolerances on the holes machined in the vertical corner posts. Once welded, the entire shelf unit had to fit snug into the rolling base, requiring welder to hold tight tolerances.

Part: Kanban Parts Baskets
Material: Mild Steel Tubing, Sheet Steel, Wire Screen
End Product: Kanban Parts Basket, heavy equipment manufacturing.
Processes Used: 2D Design, Laser, Shearing, Saw Cutting, Brake Press Forming, Welding, Outsourced Painting, Packaging and Delivery
Overview/Challenge: Customer requested large and small baskets for use as Kanban parts baskets in their production process. Creative Metal Products provided Turn-key services to design, manufacture, paint, package and ship.

Part: Machine Bases
Material: Mild Steel Plate, Tube and Angle
End Product: Fabrication Machinery
Processes Used: 3D Redesign, Laser, Drilling, Saw cutting, Brake Press forming, MIG-welding, drilling and tapping, Inspection, Delivery
Overview/Challenge: Tight tolerances on this part, coupled with the large-radius corners, make forming and welding this base a rather particular process. Press brake operators are careful to apply even pressure of any possible bowing in the side panels, while welders need to be careful of bowing in the base plate. Adding too much heat in any one place on this base can cause significant warping which will make customer assembly difficult. Welders are very careful to dissipate heat throughout the process.

Part: Polishing & Finishing
Material: Stainless steel, plastic inserts
End Product: Logo plate for Luxury Yacht
Processes Used: Laser, welding, grind and chemical polishing, assembly, packaging, shipping
Overview/Challenge: This part requires a particularly bright, clear polish, requiring several types of finishing and polishing. Exacting inspection standards require rework or replacement with the slightest of visible imperfections. Used on very expensive luxury yachts, these logo plates have to be perfect.
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Part: Turnkey/Assembly
Material: Mild steel, purchased hardware
End Product: Smoke detector bracket
Processes Used: Laser, Brake Press Forming, Outsourced Powder Coating, Assembly, Custom Packaging and Labeling, Shipping.
Overview/Challenge: Not a very complicated looking part, this part does require pretty tight tolerances to ensure quality assembly. Special boxes and labels are require for packing this part for delivery. The customer orders this part as a complete turnkey package requiring no assembly on their part. They ship this part as they receive it.

Part: Cabinets/Enclosures
Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, as specified.
End Product: Electrical Switchgear/Enclosures
Processes Used: Laser, Turret Punching, Brake Press Forming, Shearing, Saw Cutting, Drilling, Welding, Delivery.
Overview/Challenge: This enclosure is one of many built for our customer. These enclosures require attention to detail for brake press operators to prevent bowing on long parts. Cabinets are made of mild steel, galvannealed steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Electrical safety regulations require tight tolerances on fit to prevent even a piece of 16 gauge wire from being slid inside. Nema standards vary from Nema 1 through Nema 4.
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Delivery Options:

CMP provides several modes of delivery including it's own fleet of delivery trucks. When using the flatbed, consideration must be given to the maximum height allowed on highways. Generally, weldments less than 100" tall can be delivered on the flatbed.

Part: Liftable Storage Cages
Material: Mild Steel, Expanded Metal, Steel Bar
End Product: Liftable Cylinder Storage Cabinets for welding gases.
Processes Used: 3D Design, Laser cutting, Saw Cutting, Brake Press Forming, Welding, In-house Painting, Assembly, Packaging and Delivery.
Overview/Challenge: Customer is a contruction company/mechanical contractor needing cylinder storage cabinets for their welding gases. The cabinets needed to be liftable while holding the cylinders secure during movement. CMP designed the cabinets and created a harness system allowing storage of different sized cylinders. Units are lockable with a steel rod handle.

Part: Large Enclosures and Building Components
Material: Mild Steel, Expanded Metal, Steel Bar
End Product: Large, multi-unit electrical enclosures and building components.
Processes Used: Laser, Turret Punching, Brake Press Forming, Shearing, Saw Cutting, Drilling, Welding, Delivery. Special emphasis on external fixturing to ensure unit alignment at installation.
Overview/Challenge: These large enclosures differ from others in that they require more structural assembly by our customer either in their facility or in the field, in addition to the usual component assembly. Of particular importance for this series of enclosures was the need to make sure each would align perfectly with every other unit built, whether the first or the last, over a several week time span. This required particular attention to fixturing what we refer to as weak corners, and consistently spacing roof overhangs. In order to speed the process, we used significant laser etching for positioning components, cut components in bulk and staggered production of major components to keep floor space free and clear. This was a very successful run for us and Switchgear Power Systems.
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